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Heavy Duty - Cincinnati Municipal Fleet

Synthetic Blend SAE 15W40 Specially engineered for heavy-duty gasoline and diesel engines operating under all service conditions, including emission controlled engines with EGR.Also available in Natural Gas, ULSD.

LSD formulations.HD30 and HD40

Formulated with high viscosity paraffinic base oils and select additive technology to provide superior thermal and oxidative stability, corrosion and value train wear protection, and prevention and accumulation of deposits and sludge.

STARFIRE  Premium Products awarded citywide fleet business in 2015.
Total Vehicle Population: 1,500
Police Department (Full Syn, dexos®, Coolants, ATF)
Metro Transit Buses (15W40 in bulk)
Fire Department (Syn Blend 15W40, HD ELC, Full Syn ATF)

Water Works (all Starfire Premium Products

Sewer District (all Starfire Premium Products)

Value Proposition: Starfire was the only vendor who could deliver quality, service, full range of products, and at the most competitive price to the city.

Founded in 1788, first major inland city Metropolitan population of 2.13 million 28th  largest metropolitan in the USA.

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