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Who We Are

Elhydro is an independent manufacturer, supplier and distributor of industrial lubricants, fluids, grease, oils, bio fuels and fuel additives. Elhydro services and products span throughout sectors such as construction, manufacturing, energy, agriculture, marine and railroad. Our exceptional product and services are undoubtedly the best in the industry due to our competitive pricing and efficiency. Elhydro’s uniqueness due to its array of products and services has expanded its reach and portfolio by partnerships with municipalities, corporations, distributors throughout Europe, Asia, The Americas and the Caribbean.


Our Mission

Continue the advancement of environmentally friendly innovations, products, and services through savvy innovators to satisfy necessity.


Our Values

We place greater value on people, teamwork, relationships, solutions and results as we help to build better communities. Simply put, practicality enables a better understanding of current operational performance, customer satisfaction, and compliance as we navigate through our Company’s hierarchy, priorities, and key objectives.


Our Philosophy

Although we are only equal to the sum of our individual parts, together we are unbeatable. Our diverse teams are across all geography, ethnic, and cultural sector making it easier for us to plan, design, develop and deliver the world’s best products and services to our customers by being efficient and focused on our customers’ needs.

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