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Infrastructure, physical, organizational and structural is the underpinning that enables civilization to operate therefore, it must be preserved and not be allow to deteriorate like for e.g. some of our crumbling roads and bridges which are critical to the transportation and the movements of civilizations, goods and services. Elhydro Tech does it's best in helping individuals, organizations, business/enterprises, and governments realized there fullest infrastructural potential by offering:

Premium Products and Services - which save money and time while providing technical information. 


Logistics - We provide a complete logistics department that can arrange delivery of our   Premium Products on regional route trucks, nationwide freight carriers and bulk transports. We can even load your export containers at our warehouse or ship to your freight forwarder of  choice.


Technical Support - Get answers on hard to find technical information. Find out which product is best to use for your application.


Specialty Products - Special blend lubricants, hard to find chemicals, specialty industrial         lubricants and grease. Elhydro Tech has what you need!                                                 


Lubricant Testing and Analysis - Lubricant and Antifreeze testing, Analysis Interpretation      Service, Analysis Summary Service and Test Kits.                                                                                   

Lube Tanks and Equipment - We offer a full line of tanks equipment. Steel, Poly tanks, single wall/double wall, pneumatic, electric and manual pumps, control nozzles, grease sets,                  hoses and reels. Call us for a quote!

Automotive      Heavy Duty   Manufacturing    Construction        Energy         Argiculture              Marine           Railroad

Technical Questions?

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