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STARFIRE CHAIN Et BELT FULL SYNTHETIC CVT FLUID is specially formulated with a unique combination of full synthetic base stocks and an advanced additive technology designed tor t he specific demands of This premium-quality product is recommended for use in most belt or chain driven C ontinuousty Transmissions and it is not a replacement tor AIR 
APPLICATIONS Starfire Chain &Belt Full Synthetic CVT Fluid is suit able for use in thef °Rowing applications: 
* Audi/VW ill 52180; 0521801 * Ford leVT30/ Mercon C) 4 Honda (HMMF) * iCyDt (TO) 4 Nissan (NS1, N5-2) * Mitsubishi (CVTF-J1 /SP-Ill) * Subaru (NS-2 /Lineartronic CVTF) 4 Mini Cooper (EL 799A) 4 Hyundai Genuine CVTF 4 Hyundai Ma (SP-III) 4 Suzuki ITC /NS-2 / CVT Green 4 Dodge/ Jeep (NS-2 /CVTF+4) 4 GM/Saturn (DEX-CVT) 4 Ford (0VT23) 4 Iowa (TO) 4 Mercedes Benz (236.20) 

Full Synthetic CVT Fluid

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