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STARFIRE FULL SYNTHETIC GL-S GEAR LUBRICANTS are m U[Ti -pLirpOSe [Ubri cants designed for service in automotive and heavy duty applications. Starfi re Full Synthetic GL-5 Gear Lubricants are formulated with synthetic base stocks and a sulfur phosphorus extreme pressure additive pac:kage with friction . t i on modifier, which provides excellent thermal and oxidative stability, as well as anti-foam, anti-rust and anti-corrosion protection and have excellent load carrying capabilities.

APPLICATIONS • API GL-5, GL-4 Service Designations as well as theMIL-PRF-2105D and MIL PRF 2105E and is suitabtefor use in limited stip differentials. • Mack 00-H & GO-J and Proposed PG-1/P0-2 Service Designations, Scania 310 110, Meritor -076N (75W90), and Mcritor -076M (80W140) • For use when extreme pressure EH gear nits are required: In all heavy duty truck differentials - In all domestic automobile differentials and some manually shifted transmissions- In heavy duty manually shifted truck transmissions requiring API MT 1 performance - In oil lubricated wheel bearings.

BENEFITS • Provides excellent protection against wear und er extreme pressure and high torque operation • High resistanceto thermal breakdown • Helps prevent foaming, rust, and corrosion • Smooths and quiets operation

Full Synthetic Gear Lubricants

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