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STARFIRE ATF DEXRON III/MERCON is a multipurpose automatic transmission fluid especially designed to meet the service requirements of a wide variety of applications,  STAR FIRE ATF DEXRONIM ER I: ON is designed for never generation, electronically controlled transmissions. 

APPLICATIONS • DEXRON' III H, DEXRON' III G, DEXRON 11E, MERCON5, or Type A Suffix A • MERCON5, M2C138-CJ or M2C 166-H Fluids • When Allison C-4 Fluids and Caterpittar TO-2 Fluids • In Chrysler transmissions except where Chrysler MS-9602, MS-7176 orATF+4 are required • In all 1979 thru 2005 transmissions built by Ford (exceptions: Ford FMX and pre-1980 C-4transmissions and where Mercon V is required) BENEFITS • Superior cold temperature performance characteristics • Wide range of seat compatibility • Excellent wear protection and oxidation resistance • Fortified against rust and corrosion • Meets requiremeits forfoam protection • Superiorfrictiona1 characteristics with excellent friction retention and smooth shifting 


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